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About the authors

SCUBA Diving Adviser is written and managed by Diving Professionals for Divers or people interested in getting started in the sport.


We are experienced divers (ranging from Dive Leaders / Dive Masters to experienced instructors) from many different diving Agencies - including PADI, BSAC, PSAI to mention a few. We try to offer a balanced opinion based on our experiences and help beginners to intermediate divers.


SCUBA diving can be intimidating for those starting out in the sport and are often led and strongly influenced by the people they are taught. This site is designed to give an overview of the diving industry as a whole and used as a portal for people starting out or wishing to progress in the sport and also offer information (such as dive site reviews) of general interest.


Feedback, content suggestions are welcome,
please use the "contact us" form.



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The authors