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EA's Need for Speed: Shift is the latest game in the long running series of racing games, and it attempts to re-invigorate a franchise that has disappointed some in recent years. Need for Speed: Shift has been in development for two years at Slightly Mad Studios, a new developer for the series and one with a history of success in racing games.

So, rest assured there is no bacon crisis in the US, where the love affair with the salty, greasy strips of meat mushroomed in the 2000s into "bacon mania," a phenomenon that saw the publication of books such as "Seduced by Bacon" and "Bacon: A Love Story."

Racing teams and names from around the globe have been enlisted to help make the game ultra-realistic too. A series of Driver's Experience videos have been released by EA showing the pros talking about their passion for driving cars really fast.

To showcase the variety of cars, and therefore the driving gameplay, that Need for Speed: Shift is going to offer, EA has released screens of two cars that have gamers excited: the Nissan Skyline and the McLaren F1, both of which look very realistic.

FILE - In this Jan. 16, 2014 file photo, a child helps his father arrange weapons at a checkpoint set up by the Self-Defense Council of Michoacan, in Tancitaro, Mexico. Michoacan had become a special case of total drug cartel control, even by Mexican standards. Things got so bad that citizens started forming vigilante groups to throw off the yoke of their cartel exploiters. (AP Photo/Felix Marquez, File)

Over 200 athletes plan to take part in X Games 15. Athletes taking part in the X Games must be invited to compete. This year's invited athletes, as always, include the top names in their respective sports. For skateboarding, expect to see Bob Burnquist, four time X Games Skateboard Vert gold medalist. He is the two-time defending gold medalist in the Big Air competition, and is one of only three athletes this year to have competed in every X Games competition to date.

Germany's 10-year Bund yield rose to a six-week high of 0.38 percent and France's benchmark 10-year yield hit a one-year high of 0.95 percent, with bond prices weighed down by the rally in stocks and new debt supply.

FILE - In this April 16, 2016 file photo, soldiers salute Mexico's Defense Secretary Gen. Salvador Cienfuegos at the Number 1 military camp in Mexico City. Cienfuegos noted the army�s presence in Mexico�s drug war was supposed to be temporary, while new, reliable police forces were built. Ten years later, that hasn�t happened. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte, File)

Shift includes a new "Driver's Experience" mechanic which brings a sort of RPG element to the game. Your career mode will be shaped by the type of driver you are, with considerate overtaking making you a precise driver, while dangerous passes will make people think of you as aggressive, for example.

"U.S. stocks have shown renewed signs of life this week, as the market toyed with the idea of reigniting the 'Trump rally' that we saw in the aftermath of the presidential election," said Kathleen Brooks, research director at City Index.

The Ohio Pork Council, a lobbying group for pig farmers, sparked something of a minor online panic early Wednesday by pointing out that frozen pork belly inventory -- the stuff bacon comes from -- dropped by two-thirds last year to a 60-year low.

The dollar snapped its recent losing streak and Treasury yields firmed overnight as Trump shifted his focus back to growth initiatives including promising corporate tax breaks to fuel U.S. investment, after focusing on protectionism in his first few days in office.

2009 marks the 15th year of the X Games, the world's largest extreme sports competition. Over the years there have been many world records set here, including Tony Hawk's 900 degree spin, the first time this skateboard feat had ever been accomplished in public, and Travis Pastrana's double backflip in motocross.

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Attention to detail in Need for Speed: shift extends to the interior of the cars as well. In the cockpit you see when racing, there's everything, including in one shot we've seen an air-conditioning switch you can flick on and off. Why? Who knows, but it shows that every effort has been made to model the game as realistically as possible.

It's true, there were fewer If you beloved this article and you simply would like to obtain more info about gemmes gratuit clash Royale please visit the web-page. than 18 million pounds of the stuff in reserve as of late December, according to the US Department of Agriculture. A year earlier, pork belly stores were at 50 million pounds.

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