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drone review 2016Just like you read industry standard review sites like ParentsNeed , when you need any of the parenting products, you should take the same approach with drones. Our server will be going down around 12 am central time for server upgrades and maintenance, we expect the server to be down for two hours maybe a little more, during this time emails and the forums site will not be available , but the blog site will stay up. I thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of server maintenance.

Thus, given the Mavic Pro's tiny size, carrying it around becomes amazingly easy under pretty much any circumstances and this is the first DJI drone we've reviewed which can easily be slipped into a small backpack or even a purse instead of the also compact hard case it's sold with.

This month we'll also feature some of the hottest new camera drones, racing drones and FPV drones that displayed at this years 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) in Las Vegas, so come back frequently as we update this page and the rest of our site as fast as we can.

Chinese retailer carried out numerous drone deliveries on Single's Day, the country's busiest online shopping day, and China Post used a drone to deliver a package over 6 miles in the Zhejiang province, while Japanese retailer Rakuten delivered goods by drone to customers on a golf course.

In the meantime, the French General Directorate for Civil Aviation (DGAC) has authorised DPDgroup, the international express subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste, to operate a regular commercial drone line in the Var department of France DPDgroup will deliver parcels up to 3kg using drones on a regular 15km route once a week in the experimentation phase which follows 2 years of testing.

Most popular among these remains the Parrot AR series along with the Rolling Spider and Jumping Sumo The company offers quite a lot in terms of the drone specifications, in terms of the HD camera offerings, the flying time, smart synchronization with smartphones, GPS range extender etc.

This rule applies to all of our picks except our recommended trainer quadcopter , the Blade Nano QX Drone owners need to provide their name, their home address, and an active email address at the FAA's sUAS Registration page to generate a Proof of Ownership number that must be marked on the drone.

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