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Are you sick and tired of avoiding meetings because of the embarrassment of excessive perspiration and the bad odor? Using clean tools, hands, and not adding water to the product will help protect the deodorant. Today I'd like to publish advice on the best deodorant for women given by several respondents. If you live in a warm climate, you might need add more baking soda and arrowroot like you did— which will thicken it up if it's too liquidy. I didn't stink from my homemade deodorant side as much as I had a scent' from the commercial. The clay gives it a medium grey-brown color, making it the darkest of the deodorants we tried. Make sure to break up, and mix in, any clumps of arrowroot powder or baking soda. Make your own spray deodorant by combining 20 drops of essential oil for every 4 ounces of distilled water. It works great here in upstate SC. A few drops od CASTOR oil is great for glide. I gave your receipt a swing (hippie and sucker for coconut out that I am) and I loved it!

homemade deodorant sprayWell, primarily for it's versatility — the many uses of coconut oil make it super easy to reap its health benefits in all areas of my life. You don't have to use a different stick everyday, but once it's time to get a new stick, choose a different brand or scent. I did experience a burning sensation when I first used it but I dumped it all back in a bowl, added a bit more coconut oil and more corn starch. We mix this up without any essential oils and it has no scent that a normal nose can detect, but I guess that might depend on the brand of coconut oil you choose.

Seems from the comments it could be too much baking soda so I guess I'll try adding more of the other ingredients because otherwise it's great! Place the coconut oil, and the shea butter in a double boiler, and stir until it has all melted. What we can do is make a natural deodorant which inhibits bacterial growth so you smell sweet all day long. Not only did it help calm my irritated skin, but I was surprised to find that I had no unpleasant body odor, despite not wearing any deodorant of any type. After a solid month I finally gave up and went back to my less-effective and more-expensive all natural" store-bought deodorant. Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, and the rest of the stuff would be much easier to mix into melted oil, so I would melt the oil first (If you don't want to use the stove, just about any warm spot in your house will do). It is also the same as the homemade natural deodorant feminine hygiene with vinegar and works great!

Sensitive people that want to try this recipe may want to cut the baking soda in half. To 100ml of this mix add 2 camphor pellets (U can also add 1 0r 2 drops of citronella oil). Well since coconut oil has a melting point of 74 degrees, it will melt if it gets above that temperature (so in other words, it has nothing to do with the container). For example, I'll take a dab of coconut oil, a sprinkle of baking soda and a drop of EO, rub my hands together and apply. One or two swipes is sufficient, but if you really layer it on, then you could enjoy up with a bit of staining from the beeswax. Add shea butter to the saucepan when the coconut oil and beeswax are almost melted and stir until all ingredients are completely liquid.

I tried a natural deodorant using baking soda, cornstarch, and a few drops of an essential oil. For the cream I combine purified water and coconut oil in a boiler until the oil melts, and then I add wax in order to make a cream base. They are the 2.65 oz tubes you can by from Amazon, pretty much the same size as a full size deodorant you can buy in the store. I'm lucky, in that my parents keep bees on their farm, so I have access to free beeswax (and honey!). I made your recipe that uses baking soda, beeswax, mango butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, probiotic capsules, etc. I've recently made Amy Karol's (Angry Chicken)deodorant and it works really well too!

I also itch at times so I will cut down on the of baking soda to see how well I do. I am still testing on myself first because I have some friends that are interested in me making them some, but I want to ensure they have a good experience. I switched my fiance over to equal parts baking soda/corn starch after not being able stand the smell of any of the regular store-bought deodorants — day one, he smelled just like him (in a good way) and has never had a stinky day since!! After reading all the comments I just would like to make everyone here buy organic coconut oil because for the production of that the rainforst is not being burned away!

My recommendation is to use at least 5-10 drops of an oil that has antiseptic or antibacterial properties. I tried using cocnut oil, arrowroot and baking soda and have not had any problems since. My one complaint is that I don't love the cocoa butter/shea butter scent that is prominent even with the essential oils, and I think I'd prefer the coconut oil for that reason! This guide covers the basic essentials for selecting deodorant, reviews pros and cons of the top 10 favorites, and looks at non-traditional deodorant options. I bought the cocoa butter and shea butter here I'm on week 3 and it works so well, I am stunned. At 10.90/lb the beeswax is 47 cents per7 oz, Arrowroot powder is 33 cents for the amt used, and the coconut oil is 34 cents per the amt used. I would recommend using the deodorant tubes (like Old Spice) that have the creamy deodorants. Coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties which may be beneficial to you.

Common brands of men's deodorant found in drugstores that do not contain aluminum include Old Spice Classic Deodorant Stick, Speed Stick Classic Scent Deodorant and Arm & Hammer Ultramax Deodorant. This recipe fit perfectly into it. Just be aware that the coconut oil will melt at warm temperatures so don't leave it in your hand bag in the car. Feel free to experiment and combine other bases and essential oils with the magnesium oil in this Homemade Deodorant recipe. If ur dog has ticks, the oil will dislodge them & suffocate them & with the following shampooing, they will be dispensed with. I continued using baking soda exclusively for a month or two until my mom gave me a gorgeous powder puff container that she had sitting in her cupboard.
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