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The wolf population has averaged in the low 20s, divided among several packs. They have staked out territories in different sections of the 45-mile-long park, which includes a main island and hundreds of little ones.

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Ainslie's call for more stock market volatility seems currently out of step with other observers and recent market behavior. The VIX, which measures volatility, has been running below its historical average in January. But markets can reverse fast.

Maverick's largest positions included computer software company Adobe Systems Inc, social media company Facebook Inc, biopharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc and discount travel company Priceline Group Inc.

Rolf Peterson, a retired Michigan Tech University biologist who has studied the park's wolves and moose since 1970, said he was pleased the park service appeared to endorse wolf recovery and "getting paws on the ground" quickly, but was puzzled that its preferred option rules out relocating wolves to the island after five years.

FILE - In this Feb. 24, 2006 file photo released by Michigan Technological University, a gray wolf is shown on Isle Royale National Park in northern Michigan. Officials are considering taking up to 30 wolves to the Lake Superior island, where only two inbred wolves remain. A report obtained by The Associated Press says the National Park Service is leaning toward relocating as many as 30 gray wolves there from the mainland within three years. (John Vucetich/Michigan Technological University via AP, File)

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Meanwhile, in Iraq Al Qaeda�s Jordanian-born leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi also recently publicly rejected a call from the new Iraqi president for militants to lay down their arms. Calling the new Iraqi leader President Jalal Talabani an agent of the US and Jews, the rebels said they would continue their strife until Sharia law was established in the country and never forgive the leader for his "infidelity" and "spilling of the blood of Muslims". It is not clear whether the statement, posted on a website used by Islamist militants is authentic. It is a smack in the face however of Mr Talabani, who has been quite lenient to those Iraqi�s who have taken to violence over the past few years, saying a peaceful solution should be found with Iraqis who were �led astray� by terrorism. He even invited them in to participate in the democratic process and offered some convicted terrorists an amnesty.

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