U-Boot Retter

Rebreather Unit
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Page 1: Rebreathers came first

1840 to 1930

It took over 70 years of research, experimentation and development before Haldene's stipulated mathematical model, which with some adaptations is still used today to calculate our dive tables:
  • 1841: First case of decompression illness recorded (pressurised construction tunnels for bridges - caisson disease)
  • 1872: Recompression treatment invented, but not used on Brooklyn bridge (1873)
  • 1908: Haldene publishes “The Prevention of Compressed Air-Illness”


For the first 30 years, self-sufficient diving was only focused on rescue operations from submarines
(salvage work was always done from surface supported units - e.g. brass diving helmet)

  • 1905: First Rebreather with controlled oxygen supplied is invented
  • 1907: Dräger sells the U-Boot Retter (Submarine Rescuer), becomes German Navy standard in 1916
  • 1926: Dräger invents “rescue breathing apparatus” for swimming up and down
Draeger Rebreather from U-boot U-877

Dräger U-Boot Retter (from U-877)

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