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The material in this website is a small representative information to give an overview and basic understanding and should not be treated as training. You should contact your local training agency for appropriate training and briefing on how to use your dive computer. To find the right training agency for you, you can read more in the Diving Agency section

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Special Feature - Making best use of your Dive Computer
Most divers use scuba dive computers to manage their scuba dive profiles and non-decompression limits. However, as instructors, we are often quite amazed how little divers actually understand their scuba dive computers on how they work and often how to interpret the readings.


As a special feature we have created a short presentation which hopefully give you a basic insight on scuba dive computers.

Why to use Scuba Dive Computers
No rounding, no guessing - scuba dive computers measure the actual depth, you don't have to round up to next depth on your scuba dive table Actual profile, not square profile - scuba dive computers measure your actual depth and re-calculates your dive profile continuously, therefore giving you a personal scuba dive table for the actual scuba dive you did Repetitive diving - scuba dive computers take into account surface interval and repetitive scuba dives, ensuring accurate dive profiles for all your scuba dives. This is one reason why you must not share scuba dive computers Scuba Dive Computers can simplify your diving and making less complicated Entry level Scuba Dive Computers start at just over a £100
However, ....
Accidents can happen due to heavy reliance of scuba dive computers Misinterpretation of scuba dive computger displays: Non-decompression limit vs. Ascent time Exceeding non-decompression limit without adequate training and "just" relying on what the scuba dive computer says You should always have a back-up contingency plan - discuss the options with your scuba dive instructor You should always now what your scuba agency's contingency ascend plans are. Review and remember the emergency stops and procedures with your buddy before every scuba dive