TDI/SDI/ERDi Overview
SDI/TDI LogoTDI/SDI/ERDiis one the leading diving agencies. TDI is one of the most recognised technical diving agencies in the world. The emphasis is very technical and safety based, which it has incorporated into its recreational courses - an example: every dive must be done with a dive computer, tables are only used as back-up. SDI (Scuba Diving International) is the recreational arm and ERDi (Emergency Response Diving) is one of the most recognised trainings for the police and fire service.


I the UK, the number Dive Centres are limited (at the last count about a dozen or so) who over SDI/TDI courses, with many of the dive centres also offering alternative diving agency qualifications.  If you are keenly interested to go down the more "technical" diving route - such as rebreather, cave diving, deep diving (beyond 40 m recreational limit), TDI is an agency to consider. However, as stated before, you can start recreational with any of the other agencies and move over to technical diving at a later stage - all the technical agencies accept your previous qualification and experience.



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