PADI Overview
PADI SCUBA Diving Courses PADI Logo PADI, the Professional Assocation of Diving Instructors is worldwide the most recognisable Scuba Diving brand. With over 130,000 professional members in 183 countries and over 5,300 Dive Centres, it is by far the biggest Scuba Diving organisation.


According to PADI's own published figures, PADI qualifies approximately 500,000 new scuba divers world wide every year, which represents around 55% the qualifications. You are very likely to find a PADI centre near every major tourist destination in the world (and not necessarily only on the coast).


PADI has a well established and easily recognised progression ladder (see picture in the box), breaking the learning into many small qualifying steps, allowing you to progress at your own pace, especially now with the offering of completing your theory online. The standardisation allows you to mix and match the progression to suit your needs - do the theory at your on pace online, do the exam and the confined water (pool) sessions at your local pool with your local PADI centre and use the standardised and referral system to finalise your Open Water dives on your holiday.



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