MaskA mask ensures you are able to see underwater. We require a bit of air space in front of us, so our eyes can focus underwater. 

Your mask needs to fit comfortably and seal well around your face. There are special options for people with contact lenses / glasses.

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Diving Fins

Fins allow you to propel yourself through the water. The options are varied and prices can range widely. However, having the right set of fins is hugely important as they ensure comfort underwater. The wrong type of fin is likely to tire your legs and will give you cramps.

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Dive Suit
Dive Suit

Water conducts heat approximately 25 times faster than air, which means even in warm water such as Egypt, some form of thermal protection is required. The guideline is, if the water is below 32°C, thermal protection is required for comfort and safety in the water.

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More questions are asked about the size of diving cylinders than any other piece of equipment. The options seem to be confusing, but in reality it is fairly straight forward - even though you have the choice in material, size and configuration. 

The following will help you to understand the various options available to you.

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Dive Computer

Sunnto D9 Dive ComputerDive Computer are able to take out the vagaries of your dive plan. Because the computer measures every few seconds your depth, the dive computer calculates your "personal" dive table on a continues basis - therefore giving you extended time under water (compared to your planned table dive). 

Choosing your Dive Computer
Special - History of Dive Computer

A good snorkel is a useful and relatively cheap diving tool. It allows you to swim comfortably at the surface without the need of your regulator - especially if the sea is a bit choppy. There are a number of useful design features to consider.

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Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)
Buddy Commando BCD

A BCD is designed to help control your buoyancy and balance underwater. It needs to fit comfortable, have the ability to help manage your weight distribution. 

So more money you will spend on your BCD, so more features you will get - pockets, D-rings, dump valves, inflation, etc. 

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Diving Regulator

Regulators are made up of a number of components which allow you to take the high pressure from the cylinder and breath from it underwater.

Generally, so more expensive the regulator, so better it is - giving you an easier breath, allowing you to dive in cold water, reducing weight of the equipment and allowing more attachments.

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Servicing your scuba diving kit
BCD Regulators

Your equipment is vital to keep you alive underwater. In addition, you are likely to have spend significant amount of money to purchase the kit - so it is always very surprising to us, when we see divers arrive on some of our trips and their equipment hasn't been serviced - resulting us to refuse air fills (on legal grounds) and sometimes for divers to join us on trips, as the risk of equipment failure is too high. 

Apart from the regular service, there are a few things you can do to keep your kit in a good condition.

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