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Diving the Plympton and the Hathor
Plympton & Hathor DivemapThe Hathor lies on top of the Plympton at a 90° angle. The depth of the wreck ranges between 45m and 24m, with the rocks around the gully offering an easy 16m to deploy the SMB. On the trip, we have dived her twice as she is despite being quite flattened, she is a fantastic dive for everyone - everyone can dive the wreck as they can choose what depth they want.

The best way to dive her is to start at the Hathor bow, which lies at 40m. You check out the Plympton Bow and prop-shaft as you follow her up on the port side. You will notice that the current becomes less of an issue as you enter the gully. You will find her double triple expansion boilers rising above you. 

Follow the wreck, with a her prop shaft lying on the rocks to your left (ships starboard side). Have a look in the gully below you at that point, you should be able to see the Hathor's spare propeller lying there. A short dive over the rock will give you access to the Hathor's stern.

As the area is quite exposed, strong currents and swells are a normal occurrence here. It is advisable to deploy your SMB from the top of the rocks (ca. 16m to 18m) and to a slow ascend. 

The Plympton and the Hathor are two wrecks that lie on top of each other. It is just a coincidence that the two wrecks sank on the same spot 11 years apart.

The SS Plympton, owned by the Commercial Steamship Company and on her last voyage was sailing from Rosario, Argentina to Falmouth, Cornwall carrying maize. She was ordered to divert to Dublin and deliver her cargo of  maize there. Unfortunately, dense fog meant she ran aground on Lethegus Rock, taking on water fast. Her 24 crew and 1 passenger abandoned her, before she capsized and sank, taking 1 sailor with her (trapped in his accommodations below).

The SS Hathor, was built in 1912 by the Tecklenborg wharf in Germany and her route was between Europe and South America. During World War I, she was interned in Chile and her maintenance due to lack of money was neglected. However, hostilities ended, she sailed loaded with soda and oil cake for Portland. Her engines failed just off the Azores. Two tugs were ordered to pull her to Portland, however, after lines broke twice, she became unmanageable just of the Scilly Isles. The tugs pulled the lines free and she slipped onto the rocks near St. Agnes and sank on top of the Plympton.

Key numbers

Dive type: Wreck 

Length: 96m & 143m

Depth:  18m to 45m

Visibility: 5m to 15m

Location: 49°52.85N 06°20.85W

Difficulty: 2 Stars 

Dive: 3 Stars



Dive Log

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Plympton and Heather

Posted on 4/22/2012 by SDA Editor

The Plympton and the Hathor are two wrecks that lie on top of each other. They are both sank at the same spot 11 years apart. She is a pleasant wreck to dive lying between two sheltered rock formation between 20m and 45m

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