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Diving Peninnis Head

There is no real description on how to dive the site. There are a couple of features, nevertheless, that are worth mentioning.

The Chair, is about 900 yards off Parth Cressna beach, with the majority of rocks lying closer to the Head. The rocks on the surface have specific names such as Monk's Head or Cowl, Outer Head, Pollard. 

Around these you have near vertical drops all the way to a sandy bottom, usually around around the 20m mark. There a lovely giant swim arches to dive through. You have often fantastic views all the way from the sea floor. It just an enjoyable dive to explore. The large bolder and gullies make it quite protective, allowing for a gentle dive.


The rocks are interesting rock formation. There are a number of wrecks lying at the bottom of the rocks, but not much can be seen. The only noteworthy vessel would be the "Criccieth Castle", which crashed in Force 9 winds onto the rocks carrying Guano from South America to Liverpool.

You maybe lucky and find lead sheathing, cooper fasteners, coins and musket shots lying on the floor just off the Monks Head. From the findings, it is the remains from an early 18th century vessel, but no details are known about her.

Peninnis Head

Posted on 4/22/2012 by SDA Editor

Penninis Head has a spectacular underwater granite block garden - often coupled with fantastic visibility and great swims along vertical blocks of granite

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Key numbers

Dive type: Rocks/Reef

Length: n/a

Depth:  ca. 22m

Visibility: 10m to 20m

Location: 49°54.18N 06°18.40W

Difficulty: 2 Stars 

Dive: 4 Stars



Dive Log

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