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Diving the Gwinges (Gorran Haven Rocks), Cornwall

Gwinges Dive MapThe Gwineas or Gwinges are a set of rocks lying about 500m East of Gorran Haven. The rocks are marked with a number Cardinal buoys for passing ships warning them of danger. The skipper is likely to drop you off near rocks slightly upstream from the tide. You will drop over the side and descend to the bottom. 

Depending where you are dropped, the bottom will be anywhere between 5m and 15m below the boat. The visibility is usually very good and the rocks with the sandy / rocky section between allowing for a pleasant drift / swim dive. When we dived it, there were a lot of spider crabs about, we are not sure if that is normal or just a temporary feature. 

You are likely to find all the normal inhabitants swimming and the odd lobster poking his head out. The current can pick up in the area and deploying an SMB as soon as you hit the bottom is a must. Should you surface to near the rocks or shallow area, the skipper will ask you to swim with the current back into deeper water. It is a pleasant dive, but we were not able to find any reference to any wreck remains the skipper claimed would be there. 

Gorran Haven Rocks

Posted on 4/22/2012 by SDA Editor

The three rocks are about 500m from the shore. There are a number of smaller undersea mounts surrounding the rocks. They are usually covered in kelp and are home to spider crabs.

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Key numbers

Dive type: Reef/Rocks 

Area: 100m x 100m

Depth:  3-22m

Visibility: 5m to 10m

Location: 50°14.73N, 4°45.71W 

Difficulty: 2 Stars 

Dive: 1 Stars

Drawna Rocks
Dive Log

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