Scilly Isles, Cornwall & Devon
General Hints about Devon & Cornwall

Devon and Cornwall are one of the best diving sites in Europe. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to travel to Devon and Cornwall and adding the cost together, it is often cheaper to travel to Egypt on a 7 day liveaboard in Egypt. The UK weather adds another level of complexity on top, and you have the risk of being blown out, having spend accommodation, travel and food, and not getting the dives in you had planed.


This is not selling the idea of diving in Devon and Cornwall, but it is only fair to be made aware of this. Therefore negotiating upfront with skippers and hoteliers about weather dependend risk is only fair. A number of operators have become more aware of this and the competition they face from the charter and dive holiday specialist.


However, once all the planning has been completed, the diving in that part of the UK is absolutely fantastic, wrecks, reefs and basking sharks can make the diving unforgetable and allow you to gain dive log entries which many other divers will envy.