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Diving the Fleur de Lys fishing boat wreck

The skipper will take you across Swanage Bay towards Old Harry and as you cross the bay, a permanent buoy marks her spot. The wreck lies quite exposed on the sea bed and has detorioated dramatically in the last few years. In April 2011 (the last time we dived her), very little was recognisable of her original shape.


She lies on her port side and the a lot of the structure has detoriated exposing long nails everywhere. Nevertheless, she is nice dive as she is covered in sea life.


Descend down the line and make yourself around the wreck and explore the outside. There are no real access points, just exposed oak ribs from the hull. Use a torch to explore the nooks and crannies, you will find a lot fish life. After about 20 to 30 minutes you are likely to have had enough, deploy your SMB and drift off the Fleur. The bottom is quite sandy with some large rocks dotted around. You are likely to come across crabs and other bottom dwellers.


The Fleur de Lys was an oak constructed fishing vessel and was built in Brittany in 1969. She was purchased by Nick Brust in 1989 and was brought over from France to fish in British waters.


On April 16th 2000, with four people on board, the Fleur de Lys was returning from a shipping trip in Alderney, when the hot water system failed and steam was coming from the taps. The hot water storage tank exploded and ruptured the hull about 18 miles southwest of Portland Bill. They issued a Mayday and a helicopter was dispateched. Furthermore, the life raft failed to inflate and they found themselves in water, but they were picked up a few minutes later. They tried to raise the Fleur de Lys, but had to abondoned her in Swanage Bay.


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Key numbers

Dive type: Wreck

Length: 16m

Depth:  13-15 (max)

Visibility: 3m to 10m

Location: 50°37.4N; 001°56.0W

Difficulty: 1 star

Dive: 2 star


Fleur De Lys Fishing Vessel
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