Woodhouse Reef - Strait of Tiran
Woodhouse Reef

Woodhouse Reef is the 2nd of the four reefs named after the 19th century cartographers who mapped the Strait of Tiran. 

The elongated reef running nearly north to south can be seen on the google map photo below. 

The reef can be quite challenging as a lot of the dive is at 30 metres, which means keeping an ey on your decompression time. Due to its location it is nearly always a drift dive, typically from the south running north on the Eastern side of the reef.

Strait of Tiran

Once entering the water drop to 20 metres where there is a short plateau. The plateau narrows and disappears quickly, drop to 30 metres and drift along the step slope. Keep an eye into the deep blue, as this area is often frequented by sea turtles, sharks and other large fish on their way through the Strait of Tiran.

After a short drift, you will see a satellite reef emerging in front of you, with a "canyon" between the main and satellite reef. Follow the canyon and you will emerge on a sandy stretch around the 15 metre mark. 

Depending on your brief, there are three options: swim to the surface from here, swim 90 degrees away from the reef and get picked up there or swim along the sandy edge into the washing machine - the saddle between Woodhouse Reef and the Jackson Reef. The eddy can be very strong, buffeting you back and forth and can make for a quite a difficult pick-up.    

Woodhouse Reef

Posted on 4/23/2012 by SDA Editor

Woodhouse Reef is the 2nd of the four reefs located in the Strait of Tiran. Renowned for its drift dive and the "washing machine"

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Key numbers

Dive type: Reef

Length: -

Depth: 30m

Visibility: 15m+

Location: 27°59.88N, 34°27.88E

Difficulty: 3 Stars

Dive: 4 Stars


Dive Log

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Woodhouse Reef