Temple Reef
Temple Reef Temple Reef Temple Reef is a reef outcrop on Ras Umm Sid, the headland south of Sharm El Sheik. Diving it is very straight forward and is perfect for the less experienced divers, as there are no current and it is virtually impossible to get lost as the outcrop is an "isolated" reef plateau. The boats tend to tie up right in the middle of the reef, where the water is no more than 10 metres in depth. There is a large erg to the south near the edge, where the reef drops off. 

To the north of the reef, where the hotel pier meets the reef edge, is a small underwater cove which is worthwhile exploring - you tend to find many small fishes there. To the west, and quite shallow you will find a rocks and hard corals on the floor - often large moray eels can be seen in there.

Temple Reef

Posted on 4/23/2012 by SDA Editor

Temple is a reef with a large erg located on Ras Umm Sid in South Sharm El Sheik. It is a favourite for day boats out of Sharm.

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Key numbers

Dive type: Reef

Length: 300m (E-W), 150m (N-S)

Depth: 30m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 27°50.88N, 34°18.57E

Difficulty: 1 Stars

Dive: 3 Stars


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Temple Reef