Diving Kingston or Sara H (Shag Rock)
KingstonShag Rock is a circular reef which has two small wrecks on it, the Carina and Kingston. The Carina is well broken up and little is visible. The Kingston is reasonably intact . The Kingston is often referred to as the Sarah H. Sarah Hillel was a dive guide on one of the safari boats. In absence of identifying the Kingston (until the 1990s), she was named the Sara H in her honour. 

The Carina is 18th century steamship lying at 10m depth, but this is unlikely to be the correct name. There is not much left of her and there is a strong current. She makes an excellent drift dive. 

A twin mast steamship, built in the 1870s, the Kingston is 80m long with a 10 m beam. She ran aground on February 22nd 1881 after Captain Cousins had sailed her for two days down the Suez Canal and the northern Red Sea. He was sure to have passed the most difficult part of the passage, and even though it was dark handed the wheel to his First Mate. Shortly later they ran aground, which meant Cousins immediately took control again and battled with his crew for a further 2 days. Realising she could not be saved, Cousins left the ship when she suddenly settled by the stern and she slipped gracefully down the reef. The only thing remaining were her masts and two hours later the crew was saved - with no injuries or loss of life.


She settled upright in only 18 m of water (stern) and as she was loaded with coal, she settled upright just slightly down of the reef wall. She is reasonably intact, even though her twin masts and funnel have long since gone. The propeller makes a great photograph, especially with sunlight penetrating the shallow water. A second propeller and coal (both cargo) can be found inside the wreck. As everywhere on Shag Rock (edge of the Gubal Straights), there are strong currents, which can make this quite a challenging dive.


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The Kingston (or Sara H) is a picturesque wreck in the Red Sea - especially with the prop as a background against the sun.

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Key numbers

Dive type: Wreck

Length: 80m

Depth: 4m to 20m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 27° 46.75N, 33° 52.6E

Difficulty: 2 Stars

Dive: 3 Stars


Dive Log

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