Jack Fish Alley
Jack Fish Alley Jack Fish Alley Jack Fish Alley on Raas Mohammed Marine Park is one of the more popular dive sites. It offers a wide variety of dive experience from the beginner to the more experienced diver. The dive site is usually calm with a little current coming in from the north. The dive boat is likely to drop you off just under a large white mark / rocks on the cliff. You will see a two beaches separated by some rocks to the left.

Once you are in the water, you will descend to about 18 metres and look at one of the first caves on this cliff (the caves more or less are under the white rock - just a tick to the left). We tend to ignore the other more shallow cave for later in the dive and continue at around 18 metres towards your left (facing the cliff). You will come across an outcrop which you can circumnavigate either to the left (sandy area) or the right (vertical drop - according to the navigation charts the drop goes down to 80 metres and then to 345 metres).

Follow the ledge and you will slowly descend to about 30 metres. You will come across a canyon, which you can enter and emerge at the top at around 22 metres. Now swim back towards show (to your right) and you will hit a satellite reef. Just behind the satellite reef is a sandy area (between 15 metres and 20 metres - depending where you enter it). Cross the area until you hit the reef wall - you are now around 15 metres. 

Follow the reef wall (with your left should to the reef), you will enter an area often referred to as Sandy Bay, which an erg to your right. Follow the reef and you will come across a cave entrance at around 6 metres. The photo shows the "cave entrance" at around 6 metres - keep you eyes peeled, it can be missed. Check your air and ensure you have cleared it with your dive guide, you can enter the cave and follow the single path through it and emerge on the other side at around 9 metres. From there it should be a couple of minutes swim back to your dive boat just under the white rock.

Jack Fish Alley

Posted on 4/23/2012 by SDA Editor

Jack Fish Alley is one of the more popular dive sites on Raas Mohammed. It shallow caves offer a slightly different dive experience, especially during the day when the light seeps through the ceiling.

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Key numbers

Dive type: Wreck & Reef

Length: -

Depth: 30m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 27°44.81N, 34°15.29E

Difficulty: 2 Stars

Dive: 4 Stars


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Jack Fish Alley