Gordon Reef

Gordon ReefGordon Reef is the most southern of the four "cartographers" reefs - Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas and Gordon Reef - in honour of the four 19th cartographers who mapped out the region. The reef itself is one of the most sheltered with fixed moorings on the south side - it has a large shallow plateau allowing a dive for all capabilities. 

The reef is easily identified as the Loullia sits prominent on the reef. She was build in 1952 by the Swedish shipbuilders Oresundesvarvet A/B in Landskrona. She was a medium sized, general  cargo vessel weighing 2271 grt (107m x 14m x 5.8m), designed for the Baltic trade. She sailed as the MV Antonina until 1965, when she was sold from Rederi Poseidon (Stockholm) to VEB Deutsche Seereederei (former East German Democratic Republic - VEB stands for People Owned Business), who renamed her the MV Zschopau. She was sold again in 1973 to the Panamanian Blue Mediterranean Shipping Co. Ltd, where she was used as "ship for hire" for anyone wanted to move any type of loose cargo. Very little is reported about her last voyage, except that on 29th September at full speed (ca. 15 knots) she rammed onto the reef and settled. The crew tried to refloat her for a week and being unsuccessful had to abandon her a week later. Since then, she has been decaying slowly on top of the reef (a lovely aerial photo shows actually how much of her has been washed onto the reef. 

There are two ways of diving the reef. For less experienced divers a drop just of the beacon allows a shallow descend to about 10 metres and make your way to the west (keep your right shoulder to the reef). You will come across a number of cables and metal drums at around 24 metres. Turn around, as usually the current pushes you back and swim onto the coral garden. Stay in the middle of the coral garden and you will come across the Amphitheatre, an depression within the coral garden, now follow back up the boat and exit.

The second route is a bit more demanding and will likely require a pick-up further down the reef. Drop over the boat near the beacon, swim south away from the reef and look at the Amphitheatre at around 22 metres, now swim to the edge of the reef and follow the drop-off, you will hit about 30 metres of depth there. Now make your way up back to the reef and you will find some barrels dotted around the reef, when hitting the sandy plateau at 10 metres. On calm days, you can make it back to the boat, otherwise the current will carry you to the North side of the reef.

Gordon Reef

Posted on 4/23/2012 by SDA Editor

Gordon Reef (and the Loullia wreck) is the most southern of the four wrecks on the cartographers reef in the Strait of Tiran, Red Sea, Egypt.

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Key numbers

Dive type: Reef

Length: -

Depth: 30m

Visibility: 15m+

Location: 27°59.21N, 34°27.19E

Difficulty: 2 Stars

Dive: 4 Stars


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Gordon Reef