Sha'ab Sheer
Shaab Sheer Shaab Sheer Dive Map Sh'aab Sheer is a reef about 10 miles south west of Safaga. It is an elongated reef with the north side being constantly battered. The south side is the protected reef site and it offers a number of distinctive dive sites. 

 The eastern reef is a sandy bottom reef which can offer some depth by swimming out. However, it the western reef that is the more interesting one. The western Sha'ab Sheer is made up of a number of smaller reefs which allow plenty of time for exploration. The coral garden towards the western edge is only 9 to 11 metres deep, but it offers good photographic opportunities. 

Key numbers

Dive type: Reef

Length: -

Depth: 15m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 26°39.58N, ,34°3.49E

Difficulty: 1 Stars

Dive: 3 Stars


Dive Log

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Sha'ab Sheer