Makadi Bay
Makadi Bay Makadi Bay is one of the small bays along the coast where the hotels have proliferated. Dive boats tend not to stop here, however, if you ask your skipper (especially if you are on your way back from Safaga to Hurghada, it is definitely a place to stop.

The bay offers diving for everyone, from a shallow "house reef" near northern bay coast, but also lovely coral gardens around the 30 metre mark.

Having spend two weeks here, there are five dive sites to be recommended in the bay. 

House Reef - a dive from the beach, hugging the northern reef line around 20 to 25 metres, this area is also lovely as a night dive.

Sandy Area - straight out from the dive centre (iDive Makadi Bay at Fort Arabesque Hotel) - a small number of ergs, plus some old metal barrels (which house some white moray eels). 

Makadi Bay Photo

Sharm-Al-Arab Gardens - drop in on the eastern tip of the north side of the bay and swim slowly back along the wall from about 40 metres. You will reach a sandy inlet at 15 to 20 metres. Ideal place to exit.

Torfa Wall Dive - drop into the water just off the marked swim area for the hotel (where there is a boat inlet marked out), you can drop to 50m+. There are some giant parrot fish at the bottom.

Royal Gardens - a shallow protected area with a light current, around the 15 to 18 metre mark. With lovely inter dispersed corals on a sandy bottom.

Far Royal Gardens - you drop off the north side near a small reef in the bay. Depth around 20 to 30 metres, but with lovely hard coral garden below you. Great visibility into the blue along the drop off. You often can hear dolphins in the deep blue (and they are known to come into the bay)

Key numbers

Dive type: Coral Reef

Length: -

Depth:  16m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 26°59.6N, 33°54.38E

Difficulty: 2 Stars

Dive: 3 Stars


Dive Log

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Makadi Bay