Diving the Kimon M (Sha'ab Abu Nuhas)

Kimon M

The Kimon M sank on 12th December 1978 when she ran aground at full speed. She is also referred to as the “Lentil Wreck” due to her cargo (over 4000 tonnes of lentils).  

She was built in Germany and launched in 1952 as the Brunsbuettel. She changed ownership another six times before she became known as the Kimon M in 1976. 

The captain negotiated the Straits of Gubal and was certain that the dangerous reef sections have been passed. He handed over control to one of his officers. Her 8 cylinder diesel engine was pushing the 3714 grt at her full speed of 13 knots South. On Dec. 12 1978, at full speed the ship was driven onto the reef. 

A passing cargo ship, the Interasja, responded to the distress and picked up the crew. The ship lay for several days on the reef allowing for some of the cargo to be rescued. She then slipped into deeper water. Later most of the engines were recovered through a large hole cut in the vessel’s port side.

Her bow is completely broken up from the wave action and bits of it can still be seen on the reef today. The rest of her lies in up to 32m deep of water. Her large broken mid-section allows for some fantastic swim-throughs.  

Kimon M

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The Kimon M or Lentil Wreck is one of the four wrecks that can be dived on the Abu Nuhas reef in Egypt.

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Key numbers

Dive type: Wreck

Length: 106m

Depth: 10m to 27m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 27°34.86N, 33°55.81E

Difficulty: 3 Stars

Dive: 4 Stars


Dive Log

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Kimon M