Car(e)less Reef

Car(e)less Reef

An isolated reef, lying between Shaab Umm Qamar and Giftun island. It is well exposed to the elements and the site is often difficult to dive due to adverse weather conditions. Strong currents can surprise the unsuspecting diver. It is recommended to take your SMB along in case you get caught by the current and pushed into the blue. 

It is well known for its large population of semi-tame moray eels. The reef lies on two peaks. The valley between the peaks is about 16 m deep and has enough variety for those who don’t fancy a deep dive. Be aware, the moray eels often remain outside their lairs when divers are around. 

A few metres away from the valley, the wall drop sharply to 40m and offer many small caves for the more experienced diver. The reef is well know for the many coral species (both hard and soft), for its eels and due to it sharp drop off. Keep an eye what is going on below you and in the deep blue, the site is also well known for passing sharks and other larger fish.

Careless Reef

Posted on 4/23/2012 by SDA Editor

Careless Reef which lies 10 miles north-east of Hurghada is made up of two mounts surrounded by a steep drop off. Strong currents are often make this site difficult to dive.

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Key numbers

Dive type: Reef

Length: -

Depth: 25m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 27°18.75N, 33°56.31E

Difficulty: 3 Stars

Dive: 3 Stars


Dive Log

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Car(e)less Reef