Sernaka / Mikauwa Island

Sernaka Island, EgyptSernaka Island or Mikauwa Island lies just 6 km south of Ras Banas peninsula. It is a favourite stop towards the end of the week, when sailing back from St. John's back up north to home port. The dive can be quite challenging (not only because of the depth) as the sandy bottom can give some orientation problems.


Route 1: A key hint here, take a compass bearing where your boat is (the island is always north) and possible also of the beacon. Try to use the following dive plan, jump of the back of the boat (usually just moored north of the beacon against the fringe reef) and aim for the beacon, you should hit the ergs straight on. They are lovely to explore and have a lovely swim through between them, just ensure that you don't drop of the other side into the deep blue. You can now follow the sand aiming North-West towards the reef wall, you should hit that wall around the 10m depth mark. You can now leisurely swim along the wall back to the East until you came back to your boat.The northern reef wall is one the most interesting shallow reef walls in the south, with a lot of fish life and excellent light conditions for photographers.


Route 2: A bit more challenging, as you get depth on this dive. Swim along about 10 to 15m away from the Northern Reef wall, ignoring the ergs. The bottom should be at around 20m below you. You will come across the fishing net from the Il Kamash. If you take now a 45 angle down the slope - aiming south-west (not going deeper than 30m), you will hit the stern of the fishing trawler. The trawler lies at steep angle on the sandy bottom and with the clear water, often makes divers go significantly deeper than the wanted, as the bow of the trawler is at 50m. Penetration is risky and not much to see anyway, your best route now, is to turn around and follow the sandy wall back up until you hit the reef wall.Venturing futher west is difficult as the current often works against you as you head around the most southern reef point. Therefore, follow the reef wall with the current at only 6m to 10m deep, allowing you a long off-gasing dive back until you hit your boat.



Key numbers

Dive type: Wreck / Reef

Length: -

Depth: 10m to 50m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 23°49.75N, 35°48.48E

Difficulty: 3 Stars

Dive: 4 Stars


Dive Log

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Sernaka / Mikauwa Island