Rocky Island

Rocky Island is a small island lying southeast of Zabargad. Measuring just 500m by 300m, it offers not much shelter from the wind and waves. The shallow fringe reef is about 50m long, with no protected inlets for sheltered mooring. The reef drops off sharply on all sides dropping all the way to 600m.


Rocky IslandThe island allows for pleasant drift dives, with abudant covered coral walls. Large fish roam the area and it is well known for spotting Oceanic Whitetips sharks here, as well as, Manta Rays, Jacks and Trevally. Supposingly, it is also a reef frequented by Hammerhead sharks, but this seems to contradict the statement that Hammerheads perfer more sheltered reef.


Diving is fairly straight forward, the RIB (Zodiac) will drop you off at one of the drop off points. A negative entry is advised and drop down to the required depth.Stay close to reef wall, the currents can be very fast and carry you along quickly. This is extremely important if you do the eastern wall, which carries you around from the south to the north. If you swim too far out, the current will push you away from the reef. Careful, the drop offs are steep and you must monitor your depth at all times. The easist way is to drop to the maximum depth and slowly work yourself up the reef until you can send off your SMB. If you are doing the southern reef side, you must swim away from the fringe reef to minimise the risk of the RIB being pushed onto the reef.

Key numbers

Dive type: Reef

Length: 500m x 300m

Depth: 10m to 70m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 23°33.80N, 36°14.90E

Difficulty: 3 Stars

Dive: 3 Stars


Dive Log

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Rocky Island