Abu Galawa Soghayr
Abu Galawa Soghayr

Abu Galawa Soghayr is a small reef which is located on the western part of Fury Shoals.The reef itself is a small separate reef which actually has no name, but is referenced to the larger reef it is part of. The reef is only about a 100 by 100m and not very deep, maximum depth around 17m. The reef is popular and you are likely to find one or two other dive boats there as well.


Diving the reef is very easy and straight forward.  The anchor points are usually on the southern side of the reef, with a weak current coming in from the north. Follow the western flan of the reef. You will come across a 16m sailing yacht. Origins are disputed, but it is likely to have sunk in the early 80s (based on the coral growth). You can swim into it, but there is not much to see. Follow the reef to the north and you will come automatically to a passage between the reef going south.


There is only one way, so you can't get lost. Follow the passage into the reef and you will enter the first coral gardens. It is quite wide here and the sandy bottom makes it very picturesque. Keep on swimming south and the passage will become narrower and shallower, just keep above the corals and dive along. Eventually you are only in about 3m of water and as you cross the shallowest part. Just behind it you will quickly drop again to 5m and then to 17m. As you emerge from the pssage, your boat should we visible to your right.

Key numbers

Dive type: Reef

Length: -

Depth: 5m to 20m

Visibility: 20m+

Location: 24°15.10N, 35°32.42E

Difficulty: 1 Stars

Dive: 2 Stars


Dive Log

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Abu Galawa Soghayr Reef