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UK Inland Dive Sites
UK Inland Dive Site Due to the rather unpredictable weather in the UK, inland dive sites offer a predictable, controllable access. The sites service divers well when the weather "blows out" on the coast and a fantastic way to gain experience from beginner to expert (you just have to choose your depth).


We have tried to list the best inland dive site - with a short description and a link to the website. The Dive Site Directory offers some more independent insight and rather than replicating the total content here, it might be worth a look.


UK Inland Dive Sites
UK Coastal Site
Dive Dorset Dive UK South West Scapa Flow UK

Diving is one the most underrated diving in the world. There are many divers in the UK, who would never contemplate diving in UK waters. However, with the right equipment UK diving is extremely varied and pleasurable. 

Just to give you an indication - Devon and Cornwall alone have over 1,500 registered wrecks. The Scilly Isles has over 600 registered wrecks and at least 600 unregistered wrecks. The UK has one of the most varied and diverse sea life in the world - the Northern Europe seas are full of different sea life - have a  look at Frank Emil Moen and Erling Svensen book on Marine fish & invertebrates of Northern Europe - a nearly 600 page fantastic reference book.


In the UK Costal Diving section we reviewed the areas we have dived in and also offer links to local dive boat and dive centre operators. For those who have never done it, UK diving is one of the best diving you can - you will be surprised of what it can offer.


UK Coastal Dive Sites
Egypt, the Red Sea is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. The water is clear, warm and the service generally of a very high standard. You are able to shore dive, use day boats and stay on fully dedicated dive boats. If you want to see sea life in full colour, imposing coral reefs or some of the best wrecks in the world - the Red Sea must be high on your diving destination wish list.

Once you have been to the Red Sea, you are likely to return to it every few years - we have some divers who go to the Red Sea two to three times a year. The number of operators offering fully organised dive tours is ever increasing and the diving industry is vital to the Egyptian economy - to put it into perspective: there are more divers coming to Egypt than tourists visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Key Dive Sites in Egypt